Investment Management

In a world of computerized trading, rapidly-fluctuating currencies, and inter-linked economies, a single bad investment can yield financial disaster.  Yet in today’s economic climate, many supposedly “good” investments yield an unrealistically small return.  Our team has never made a pre-programmed investment recommendation.  We always begin with a comprehensive analysis of each unique situation and then make a recommendation determined by the appropriate balance among five key factors: need for income, earnings potential, time horizons, level of risk, and need for stability.  As part of our commitment to service, we pay careful and ongoing attention to each client’s needs and circumstances, to economic indicators, and to the performance of every investment we sell.  In order to help look out for your financial future, we systematically track any new developments as they emerge.

Wealth Solutions

We believe that an optimal investment strategy is imperative for any financial plan. History has proven that interest-generating investments such as cash and bonds have relative stability of principal. However, they provide little opportunity for real long-term growth due to their susceptibility to interest rates and inflation. On the other hand, equity investments have clearly enjoyed significantly higher expected returns historically, but are vulnerable to more severe volatility risk in the markets.

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Our Investment Management Services

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