Business Continuity

If you own part of a privately-held business you could be in for trouble when one of the other owners retires, sells their share of the business, becomes disabled, or passes away.  Without proper planning, you could be in deeper trouble still if you’re the one who retires, sells, or becomes disabled.  A lack of business continuity planning can lead to ownership disputes, battles for control, lengthy and expensive litigation, tax problems, and even dissolution of the business.  Our team can help you plan for every one of these problem by preparing detailed continuity plans for your business.  We can coordinate every aspect of this crucial planning process by thoroughly analyzing all the potential scenarios for any change in ownership, whether planned or unplanned.  We then develop a proactive strategy for managing every aspect of such a change, with special emphasis on maintaining business continuity and ensuring an orderly and harmonious transition.  Throughout the planning process, our focus is on helping you and your business minimize tax liability while avoiding litigation, challenges, and disagreements among owners and heirs.

Our Business Continuity Focus Areas

Buy-Sell Analysis

Financing Arrangements